The truth behind the picture of BLACKPINK Jennie cosplaying her past image

Jennie’s influence is so great that every little story in her life can be “viral” after being posted on social networks, including real and fictional stories. 

Recently, a story about a female idol has attracted attention.

Specifically, a photo comparing Jennie when she was young with the present time wearing slightly similar outfits was shared on social networks.

According to the owner of the edited picture, Jenniecosplayed” herself when wearing a shirt with a monkey print – an image used by many children’s fashion designers.

Blackpink Jennie

Below the comment section, netizens left funny comments about this photo.  It seems that netizens are excited to see the “Human Chanel” recreate her past image.

However it turned out to be an edited photo.  In the original photo, Jennie‘s shirt does not have a monkey print.

Blackpink Jennie
In the original image (right photo), Jennie wears a Chanel heart-neck shirt, and a cross-body bag of the same brand. And as we can see, there are no monkeys on her shirt, even the pink bag was edited to green.
Blackpink Jennie
Still know that her style at that time was not outstanding, but just need to be adjusted, they can become modern and beautiful sets
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