“Doctor Cha” achieved new rating peak of 18.5% in last episode, will viewers’ wishes for Season 2 come true?

Amidst viewers’ explosive reactions to “Doctor Cha” happy ending, some are demanding the production of Season 2.

According to Nielsen Korea on June 5th, the final episode of JTBC’s Sat-Sun drama “Doctor Cha”, which aired on the 4th, achieved 18.5% in viewership. It was a sharp increase of 3.8% from the 14.7% record in its previous episode and a new highest rating peak.

In the last episode, Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa) rejected both liver transplant proposals from Seo in Ho (Kim Byung Chul) and Roy Kim (Min Woo Hyuk). However, she was later moved by Seo In Ho’s sincerity. Seo In Ho begged, “Let me repent for my mistakes like that”. In the end, Cha Jung Sook received Seo In Ho’s liver under the guidance of Roy Kim.


Cha Jung Sook also refused Roy Kim’s confession and confidently walked her own path. Receiving a building from Seo In Ho, she opened a private clinic and gained huge love from the neighborhood as a dedicated doctor. She ran a self-made healthy salad cafe on the first floor. On the second floor, she set up a hospital where he can take care of patients.

In addition, Cha Jung Sook also engaged in volunteer activities, conveying the message that “I am happy and grateful to be alive” to cheer for all Cha Jung Sook in the world.


Recording 4.9% in the first episode, “Doctor Cha” later became viral and its ratings jumped four times higher. Drama fans were enthusiastic about the pleasant and refreshing life story of Cha Jung Sook, a housewife who begins to pursue her dream in her late 40s. Although the story disappointed some viewers when it centered on Cha Jung Sook’s liver transplant at the last minute, the ending for the whole drama was still considered warm-hearted and kind for the main character Cha Jung Sook.


As a result, fans of “Doctor Cha” are already demanding the production of Season 2. Many people are curious about the story after Cha Jung Sook began to live a new life as a doctor, and even raise expectations for “Doctor Cha” to become a series that can surpass “Dr. Romantic”.

Meanwhile, “Doctor Cha” created a sensation as it portrayed the dynamic life journey of Cha Jung Sook discovering more about herself after facing life and death choices and provided comfort to all Cha Jung Sooks in the world. The perfect chemistry between the main cast, including Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Byung Chul and Myung Se Bin, as well as the excellent acting performances of new actors, such as Park Joon Geum, Min Woo Hyuk, Song Ji Ho and Jo Ah Ram, also contributed greatly to the success of this drama.

Source: Daum

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