YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group: what is known about them?

On January 1st, YG will unveil their first girl group after BLACKPINK, drawing massive attention from netizens. 

The news of YG’s upcoming girl group has been the talk of town. Most notably, despite rumors surrounding this group have been around since forever, actual information is well-hidden, raising curiosity from fans and the public alike. 

Blackpink thumbnail
YG’s first girl group since BLACKPINK is the center of attention 

In the past few years, YG entertainment constantly opened worldwide auditions, especially in Asian nations. Therefore, it is suspected that YG’s new girl group will be multinational. Korean media also claimed that there will be 2 members from Thailand, 2 from Japan, and 3 from Korea. 

If these claims are true, this will be the YG Entertainment group that comes from most nations. The 2 Thai members are also expected to follow the steps of their highly successful senior, BLACKPINK Lisa. 

yg next movement
YG’s new girl group is rumored to have 7 members from 3 countries 

There are also rumors that the 7 members are Haram (2006), Prita (2005), Rora (2004), Ahyeon (2002), Chikita (2004), Asa (2005), and Mirin (2004), making this the youngest group of YG with the lowest average age. At the same time, netizens on the SNS platform Twitter have been saying that former NMIXX Jinni will be a part of this project. 

YG New girlgroup
Members of YG’s new girl group are said to be born from 2002 to 2006. 
jinni thumbnail
Rumors have it that former NMIXX Jinni has joined the lineup 
The sudden departure of Jinni raised a lot of questions 

Back in November, images said to be Rora from YG new girl group were spread on the Internet. The girl in question exudes an elegant and innocent vibe that meets Korean beauty standards, yet some netizens believe she still lacks an “individual color”. 

YG Trainee Rora
Images said to be Rora from the new girl group draws a lot of attention
YG Trainee Rora
The alleged Rora exude an elegant and innocent vibe
YG Trainee Rora
If she is a true member, Rora is expected to deliver a different color compared to her seniors 

YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group will be revealed for the first time on January 1st, 2023. Prior to this, the company registered for copyrights of the name Baby Monster (shortened into BAEMON), so this is expected to be the new group’s name. As all members of the group are said to have been painstakingly trained for a maximum of 7 years, YG’s new girl group is expected to be just as outstanding and gorgeous as BLACKPINK. 

YG Trainee
The new girl group may be called BAEMON
blackpink thumbnail
BAEMON, or Baby Monster, was a considered name for BLACKPINK 

In addition, Korean sources also say that BIGBANG G-Dragon will be the production director for YG’s new girl group. There are also various images of female trainees entering the YG Entertainment building, who all boast impressive height and figures, at the same time exude an lively aura. 

G-Dragon elle
G-Dragon of BIGBANG may become the creative director for YG’s new girl group
YG Trainee
A group of female trainees were spotted at the YG Entertainment building 
All of them boast impressive height and figures

Source: Yan 

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