Lee Min Jung, “If I could change a choice in the past? It would be ‘Marriage’ !!!”

Actress Lee Min Jung confessed the hardships she suffered as a wife and a mother.

On January 8th, Sisa Journal reported an interview with Lee Min Jung. The actress has been quite busy since the release of the movie “Switch”, in which she acts as a married couple with actor Kwon Sang Woo. In reality, Lee Min Jung is the wife of actor Lee Byung Hun and the mother of a 9-year-old son.

Lee Min-jung

The actress shared, “People think I’m living a comfortable life, but raising a child is beyond your imagination. It’s impossible to raise a child without a mother. Of course, you can get help from someone else. Whenever I have interviews like today, I ask my mother to take care of my son. All parents are like that“.

She emphasized, “The things that remain in the child’s head are what parents say after all. So no matter what my son asks, I spend an hour explaining it to him. It is because I want to write only good things on the first page of his life. I’m a mother who can play with my son’s friends. I cook many kinds of food for him. I try to do everything I can with my best. I’m not much different from my image in the movie. I feed my son, dress him, and put him to sleep in the same way.”

Lee Min-jung

When asked if she had her own parenting method, Lee Min Jung said, “I learned many things from my mom. I’m also a mother and I’m very devoted to my child. In fact, I experienced childbirth and parenting earlier than my friends. I was the first person, so I could only get information from books.”

She added, “That’s why when I was pregnant, I studied a lot by reading as many as 50 books about parenting. The book says parents should maintain a strong bond with their child until the child is 40 months old. That’s also the time when the child’s emotions grow. So, three years after giving birth to my son, I completely forgot about myself and focused on the child only. Perhaps thanks to that, he learned to speak very quickly and grew up being an independent kid. Nevertheless, parenting is an endless process. The idea that the mother should stay next to the child when the child meets society for the first time remains unchanged even now”

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Lee Min Jung got married at the age of 32 and gave birth to her son when she was 34.

When asked what she would like to change if she could make a different choice in the past like the setting of her movie, Lee Min Jung replied, “Marriage! Haha!”

The actress said, “Everyone would say that my current life is really good, but I want to go back to when I was still single. I want to travel more and play more. I think I can enjoy myself by saving my time and not wasting any minute or second. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to meet my current husband. We’ll eventually meet each other by fate, but… I also want to go back to my college days. I worked hard at school, but couldn’t enjoy the romantic life as a college student. I recently had a year-end party with my colleagues and looked back on the past 20 years. When we began to talk about the topic ‘If I can go back to that time’, I said I would play more no matter what. I played too little back then”.

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