Netizens cite Seo Ye Ji’s “Eve” to oppose Song Hye Kyo’s possible loveline with her enemy’s husband in “The Glory” Part 2 

Part 2 of The Glory has not been released yet, but viewers are already worried that this scenario will happen to Song Hye Kyo’s character.

The Glory” became one of the hottest K-dramas after Part 1 was released on December 30. Part 2 is set to come out in March, so viewers are now extremely curious to find out the next steps of Moon Dong Eun’s (Song Hye Kyo) revenge plan. At the end of Part 1, Moon Dong Eun plotting revenge against Park Yeon Jin was discovered by Ha Do Young (Jung Sung Il). At the same time, Ha Do Young also knew about his wife’s dark past and started to question the truth about his daughter. What viewers are most curious about after the ending is which side will Ha Do Young take, Moon Dong Eun or his wife, the main villain Park Yeon Jin.

song hye kyo the glory
Moon Dong Eun (Photo: Netflix)
lim ji yeon the glory
Park Yeon Jin (Photo: Netflix)
sung dong il
Ha Do Young (Photo: Netflix)

It is more likely that Ha Do Young will side with Moon Dong Eun instead of the wife who cheated on him because in Part 1, there are many signals showing that Ha Do Young is attracted to Moon Dong Eun. Moon Dong Eun spent a year learning to play Go with the aim of impressing Ha Do Young. So of course, she successfully made Ha Do Young pay attention to her. He even came to see her on purpose.

the glory
the glory
Ha Do Young has fallen for Moon Dong Eun? 

The audience has been skeptical about Dong Eun’s true purpose since she learnt how to play Go. Dong Eun merely came up to Do Young to investigate them or because she wanted to steal Do Young from Yeon Jin. Fans are concerned that the relationship between the two will develop into love, Dong Eun will become a mistress and even she will ruin the well-prepared revenge plan because of love.  Many viewers also mentioned Seo Ye Ji’s drama Eve, a work also on the theme of revenge. Seo Ye Ji’s character fell deeply in love with the enemy, resulting in all plans in vain.  

the glory
Is Dong Eun and Ha Young’s relationship…

Audience comments:

  • These two are really good together but don’t let them fall in love
  • We don’t want a love-line between them. 
  • Let’s take revenge in another way Dong Eun!

Source: Kênh 14

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