The truth behind BamBam’s crush on TWICE Nayeon when he was a trainee

GOT7 member BamBam mentioned his one-sided crush on Nayeon from TWICE again.

During his appearance on “IDDP”, BamBam searched for information about himself on Namuwiki and clarified some rumors about him posted on social media. 

BamBam then recalled a conversation he had with TWICE’s Jihyo about his one-sided crush on labelmate Nayeon in the past.


BamBam clarified that he no longer has a crush on Nayeon and that he was only reminiscing about the past. He emphasized that he used the past tense when talking about his crush.

BamBam directly called out people who left negative comments on him for revealing his crush on Nayeon, saying, “Why did you say ‘Save our Nayeon’? Who’s gonna save BamBam then? Do you know what the past tense means? I used to have a crush on her. It’s not ‘I’m having a crush on her now’.”

BamBam revealed he was still very young at the time and that his crush on Nayeon started because she bought him milk. BamBam said that he was easily smitten by her kind gesture, and he quietly harbored feelings for her.

Source: FB

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