The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The staff who sold BTS Jung Kook’s hat has resigned, its whereabouts are still unknown”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Nov 8th that A, who was suspected of trying to sell BTS Jung Kook’s lost hat on a secondhand market site, had already resigned before posting the sale article.

Senior spokesman Lim said at a regular briefing on the day, “There is no separate action taken against the employee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

“We know that the mentioned employee was a public official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” they said. “We are waiting for the results of the investigation as the police investigation is underway in this case.”

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Regarding the whereabouts of the hat posted by A on the secondhand market site, Lim also said, “It has not been confirmed yet.”

Earlier on Nov 7th, Seocho Police Station in Seoul said that A admitted to the related charges and they are reviewing the legal principles to determine A’s charge after completing all the investigations.

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A is said to have taken the hat BTS Jung Kook left behind after the idol visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Oct 17th to make his passport. A then posted the hat on a secondhand market website to sell for 10 million won.

In the process, A revealed his identity as an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and claimed that “the acquirer acquired ownership because there were no calls or visits for the last six months after the lost property was reported.”

Source: nate

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