The refreshing “teen dad” Bae Hyun Sung of “Our Blues”: “I was really nervous in front of Kim Woo-bin”

Actor Bae Hyun-sung plays Jung Hyun in tvN’s weekend drama “Our Blues”, showing off a fresh teenage romance story.

tvN’s weekend drama “Our Blues” became a hot topic right from the start as it is the newest work by scriptwriter Noh Hee-kyung with 14 prominent main characters. Of course, not all 14 faces are familiar. Other narratives from already well-known faces attracted the most attention, but familiar stories from completely unknown faces also left a big impression on the viewers.

Bae Hyun-sung

Rookie Bae Hyun-sung is one of those names. Among the 14 main characters, he is one of the youngest, except for the child actor Ko Ki-yu, who plays Eun-ki, and Noh Yoon-seo, who is one year younger than Bae Hyun-sung. However, his and Noh Yoon-seo’s story was not light at all. The two, who is a high school couple in the fifth episode of “Yeong-joo and Hyun,” got pregnant with a child, and the disappointment of their fathers who poured everything into their children in the seventh and eighth episodes of “In-kwon and Ho-sik” soon spread to an uncontrollable conflict. In the drama, which is 20 episodes in total, these four characters’ presence has become the axis in charge of the early and mid-drama’s tension.

“It’s something I’ve never experienced before. If there is any part that I don’t understand, I would ask my friends who got married early and tried to immerse myself in the situation while reading the script. While acting, I fully understood Hyun’s and his father’s situation. I have a similar personality to Hyun, so I think I would have made a similar decision.”

Bae Hyun-sung

In Bae Hyun-sung’s “Our Blues,” alongside his love for Young-joo is his hatred for his father In-kwon. He thinks the reason why his mother ran away is his father, and in the midst of the current conflict, the old conflict between the father and the son broke out. However, Bae Hyun-sung said he had fun meeting actor Park Ji-hwan (who plays In-kwon) every time. Some might say their faces don’t look alike at all, but the “father” and “son” were closer than anyone else on the filming set. 

“He had a scary image in his previous work. I approached him with that image in mind, but he asked, “Are you my son?” and said that he liked me. He is a very emotional and sweet person. He liked poetry, and as soon as we met, he told me to call him father, and he took care of me a lot. Thanks to my ‘father’ In-kwon, I had a great time on Jeju Island eating and enjoying filming.”

Bae Hyun-sung

Bae Hyun-sung also talked about how meeting his idol Kim Woo-bin was also a good memory to him. Born in 1999, Bae first saw Kim Woo-bin in the teen drama “School 2013,” and fell in love with his acting. Since then, he followed Kim’s path by watching the drama ‘The Heirs’ and the movie ‘Master’. “Although I was very nervous at the first shoot because there are so many big seniors and it is a work of writer Noh Hee-kyung, the tension when I first greeted Kim Woo-bin is still vivid,” he confessed.

“I just thought I should greet him before I left, so I went to do just that. I saw his face, but I’m already a huge fan of him from before, so I couldn’t say anything. All the seniors took good care of me in the scenes where we met. I think it will be a memorable work for me.”

Bae Hyun-sung

Bae Hyun-sung, who used to live a normal school life, received a proposal to debut as an actor through his SNS when he was in school. Then, he eventually persuaded his family in Jeonju and transferred to Seoul in 2016 at the age of 18. His parents were very concerned and objected when their introverted and ordinary son said he would act. However, they have become his biggest supporters while watching “Our Blues.”

“I started acting through tvN’s ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ I think it’s fun to be able to play a character that’s different from my usual personality. My next work is called “Gaus Electronics,” in which I play the son of the main character’s rival company. I think I’ll be able to show you something fun and sly that’s different from my previous characters.”

He picked Park Seo-joon, his senior from the same agency, as his role model, “I’ve seen him in dramas before my debut, but his advice on acting after we met is helping me a lot.” Bae Hyun-sung, who is just starting his long race as an actor, has many dreams. “Romantic comedy, action, good and evil character,…But most of all, I dream of being like the great seniors in “Our Blues” who can lead the atmosphere at the filming set,” he said with an expression as bright as the sky of Jeju.

Source: Daum

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