Jessica joins Cheng Xiao as a team leader in Chinese dancing competition show “Amazing Dance Club 2” 

Last year, Jessica was a contestant in an idol re-debut program. This time, she is a teacher.

According to Chinese entertainment media Sina Entertainment on February 19th (local time), Jessica participated in the recording of the new entertainment program “Amazing Dance Club 2”. 


“Amazing Dance Club 2” is a Chinese dance competition reality show. Unlike season 1, team leaders will perform in season 2. The contestants will watch the leaders’ stages and decide on a team, and each team competes in dance.  Jessica, who showed outstanding skills not only in Girls’ Generation activities but also as a soloist, is expected to stand out even more in this program. 


Among the team leaders, Cheng Xiao, who was active as a WJSN member in Korea, also drew attention by confirming her appearance on the show.

Meanwhile, Jessica debuted in August 2007 in Girls’ Generation. She left the group in 2014 after the promotion of the title track “Mr Mr.” She later debuted as a solo singer in May 2016 and launched her sunglasses brand.


Last year, she appeared in the Chinese idol re-debut program “Sisters Who Make Waves Season 3” as a contestant and finished in second place. Jessica, who has re-debuted in a project girl group, is engaging in different activities in China.

Source: Daum

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