The reasons why “My Name” starring Han So Hee is a must-watch series

The following factors are what help “My Name” become one of the most viral Korean series on Netflix at the moment. 

Temporarily setting aside the lighthearted, feel-good dramas, “My Name” is considered a must-watch action thriller for fans of this exciting genre in particular and K-drama fans in general who are looking for a gripping series to enjoy. 

My Name

“My Name” is a Korean series directed by Kim Jin Min, starring Han So Hee, Park Hee Soon, and Ahn Bo Hyun. The drama revolves around a girl named Yoon Ji Woo (Han So Hee) who joins a ruthless crime gang and infiltrates the police force as an undercover to avenge her father. 

Following the previous productions that achieved many positive results with this genre such as Kingdom, Alive, Sweet Home, Squid Game, etc. and getting the support from the largest streaming service, My Name has become Netflix’s next success and a series you should not miss, and here are the reasons why. 

Han So Hee’s transformation in acting

My Name
My Name

Most viewers got to know Han So Hee through her role as a young mistress in “The World of the Married”. When she got her first female lead role in a drama as Nabi of “Nevertheless”, she became more widely known to the audiences. However, Han So Hee‘s acting in “Nevertheless” was involved in a controversy. Many netizens criticized her acting for being stiff and lacking emotions. 

My Name
My Name

However, with this comeback, she has showcased a major change by playing a feisty and vengeful female character in “My Name“. The actress got rid of her feminine look with long hair and had a bob haircut. She also proves her dedication to the role by practicing martial arts for weeks. She was willing to appear bare-faced on screen, did most of the dangerous action sequences by herself, without the help of a stunt double, to deliver the most realistic scenes for the drama. Many viewers even praise Han So Hee by saying that her character Ji Woo is like the female Korean version of John Wick.

Gripping action scenes 

My Name
My Name

One of the reasons why “My Name” is highly appreciated is because of its eye-catching action scenes, the suspenseful confrontation between the characters. Those who are fans of crime thrillers should definitely give “My Name” a watch. 

My Name
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The action scenes in “My Name” do not feel superficial and forced. The fighting scenes along the narrow corridors, in the elevator, and the final battle all remind viewers of some classic films and games. Viewers are also impressed with the drama’s soundtrack, which is well edited and does a good job at enhancing the emotions during the climax. 

My Name

Yoon Ji Woo, despite being the only girl of the Dongcheon gang, is no less of a fierce fighter compared to other men. “My Name” is not just an ordinary action series, but a brutal revenge mission with realistic and violent footage that are guaranteed to give the viewers a satisfying experience. 

Exploiting criminal psychology in a subtle way 

My Name

My Name” also does a good job at exploiting criminal psychology, making the viewers feel like they’re being led by the antagonists. “My Name” is a harmonious blend of intertwined layers of secrecy, a mind game between the police and criminals, a struggle between toxic and positive mindsets, and the characters’ inner feelings.

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Although the storylines are somewhat predictable and there are no unexpected twists and turns, “My Name” still succeeds by rationally portraying the motives of the characters. At first it seems that everyone is in control of their emotions, they know what they’re doing and what they’re aiming for.

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Layers of emotional “trap” are established slowly and gradually. However, in the middle of the series, the characters’ spontaneous actions take over, causing them to get caught up in their own intrigues.

Meaningful messages

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Many details in “My Name” lead to valuable and meaningful messages about life and altruism. As police officer Do Jeon Pil (Ahn Bo Hyun) tells Ji Woo, it is not until much later that Jiwoo finally realizes and knows the answer to why she has been living in hatred for 5 years: “What is the cost of revenge? It’s turning yourself into a monster.”

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According to many reviews, “My Name” might not be an excellent and flawless work, but the series has succeeded in proving to the worldwide audience that Korean dramas are not only about romantic, cheesy and tear-jerking footage, but they can also be bold, dark and violent.

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