From Noze to Lee Jung, “Street Woman Fighter” leaders danced to “Hey Mama” at Honey J’s wedding 

Honey J’s wedding scene was revealed.

On November 18th, a broadcast writer attended Honey J’s wedding that was held on the same day and posted an on-site video with the caption, “Look carefully~ It’s unnie’s wedding.”

honey j

In the video, Honey J handed over the bridal bouquet she was holding to the groom, then danced to “Hey Mama” alongside Lee Jung, Hyojin Choi, and Noze, the dance crew leaders from Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter.”

Meanwhile, Honey J got married to her fiancé, Jeong Dam, who is 1 year younger than her. The two were scheduled to hold a wedding on November 4th, but the date was postponed due to the Itaewon disaster.

In September, Honey J announced the news of her marriage and pregnancy, receiving many congratulations from everyone. 

Source: Nate.

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