ITZY tried a new concept for this comeback, but their styling turned out to be called a “fashion crisis”

ITZY has just made a comeback with their first full album, “Crazy In Love”, and the title song “LOCO”.

At noon on September 24, ITZY’s “LOCO” MV was released on Youtube. Immediately after the release, the girl group received explosive responses for their new concept. However, netizens still recognized many scenes in which ITZY’s styling could be called a “fashion crisis”.

Different from the previous comeback, ITZY performed a new color in LOCO. This change in their music style is expected to create a breakthrough for the 5 girls. The song was produced by Galactika – the producing team that made ITZY’s debut hit song “Dalla Dalla”. Therefore, it is easy to understand why listeners are easily impressed by the catchy sound right at the very first seconds of the song.

Besides, JYP did invest a lot in applying effects in MV “LOCO”. The MV scenes were made really lively and eye-catching. Fans were really happy to notice these positive changes in how JYP prepared for ITZY’s comeback as JYP is recently rumored to be neglecting ITZY because of Lia’s scandal.

However, the biggest minus point in this MV is ITZY’s outfits. Many people think that the use of too many colors made the girls’ outfits look old-fashioned. Especially in the scenes that used pink as the primary color, ITZY’s girl crush vibe suddenly turned into a much more girly style.

In addition, many netizens also noticed ITZY girls wearing expensive items, but the items were not mixed & matched appropriately.  The pink tones used in the MV are considered too bold, even somewhat “outdated”.

ITZY‘s outfit sparked a lot of conversation on social media. Many fans have been irritated by the girl group’s use of too many pink tones in this comeback since the release of the product’s teaser. The following are some of the netizens’ thoughts on this music video:

  • Only Ryujin’s pink outfit is nice!
  • It’s 2021 and they still use this pink color?
  • I don’t see ITZY’s cool image anymore.
  • Their outfits are still unbearably ugly.

Despite the fact that their outfits have sparked a lot of debate, the girls’ appearances are still too appealing. Throughout the MV, Yeji and Yuna stand out for their attractive beauty and charisma. If the stylist was great at choosing outfits, these two female idols would have shone even brighter.

The audience gave LOCO a lot of positive comments about the music and choreography in general. JYP, on the other hand, appears to be unpolished in terms of the group’s images. The majority of the public is still waiting for ITZY to make a breakthrough in the next comeback.

Sources: yan

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