Lee Jung shared, “My parents were against dancing at first. I persudaded them to let me dance by becoming the No.1 student at school”

Dancer Lee Jung, who appeared in Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”, said she tried to become the top student at school so that her parents would allow her to dance.

The broadcast of SBS’s show “Master In The House” on November 7th featured “Street Woman Fighter” dancers, including Monika, Aiki, Gabi, Lee Jung, Lip J, Rian, Yeojin, and Regeon. On this day, Lee Jung said her parents used to oppose her practice dancing, and they even sent her to the U.S so that she would focus on studying.

Lee Jung

She shared, “My parents promised to let me learn dancing during the summer if I got first place at school” then surprised everyone by confessing that she topped the school in the U.S for real. In addition, Lee Jung revealed her academic transcript in which she scored over 90 points for all subjects, proving that she was the top student at school with all A*.

Lee Jung

After 2 months of learning dancing in Korea as her parents promised, Lee Jung cried and persuaded them, saying, “I don’t think I will live a happy life if I go back to the U.S at this moment.” In response, her father threatened to send her back to the U.S if she didn’t achieve anything within a year. Considering 1 year is enough, she joined the dance crew Just Jerk then won the global dance competition and continued to walk on her way as a dancer.

Lee Jung
Lee Jung

The top student Lee Jung also revealed her IQ test result and drew admiration from the MCs. She shared, “I got 150 in an IQ test in the past. I even received a Mensa Brain Training when I was young”. Upon hearing this, MC Yang Se-hyung made everyone at the studio burst into laughter by commenting, “Hers is twice higher than Kim Dong-hyun’s IQ.”

Lee Jung

Meanwhile, Lee Jung received much love from the public for her confidence and powerful dance in “Street Woman Fighter”.


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