The next episode of “Running Man” will be a parody of ‘Squid Game’ called “Octopus game”

Next week, the cast of “Running Man” will join a new race called “Octopus Game”, a parody of the famous Netflix drama “Squid Game”.

Running Man Octopus Game

The “Octopus Game” trailer was shown at the end of the SBS “Running Man” broadcast on October 10th.

While the ‘Squid Game‘ BGM was playing and arousing tension, the game host came to meet the members and secretly handed each of them a business card. This business card contained a message, “Do you want to join the ‘octopus game’ and get this last chance to return with a huge prize money?”

Exactly like the scene in the original drama, the members woke up wearing green tracksuits. This parody scene already drew much excitement from the viewers. Then, Jeon So Min heated up the game room’s atmosphere by introducing herself as Han Mi Nyeo (Kim Joo Ryeong’s character in “Squid Game”) with a sharp voice tone. In particular, the production team raised the level of immersion by re-making the scene in which money falling from the sky and announcing the news about the elimination.

Running Man Octopus Game
Running Man Octopus Game

Who will be the last person to win the grand prize while others get eliminated?

The whole ending of this funny life-changing survival “Octopus Game” will be revealed at 5 PM on October 17th.

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