A letter calling for help from a woman who claimed to be a victim of Seungri and Jung Joon Young’s group chat

Apart from drugging and raping the victim, this group of friend also laughed when the incident was mentioned because they know the victim won’t be brave enough to report them.
While the Burning Sun club scandal is becoming more and more serious with difficult twists, the public is infuriated after a heartbroken letter was posted by an account who claimed to be a victim of the members in Seungri and Jung Joon Young’s Kakaotalk group chat. It is posted on Pann and is now in the center of attention of the Korea public. This is because se is the first victim who dares to speak up on social network, and she is able to describe the story of that horrible night in detail.

This is the story which is posted on Pann by the woman:


As the title says, I’m one of the victims of Seungri/Jung Joon Young gate.
I’m not lying. If my words contain a lie, I will take the punishment. I’m being honest.

I can’t reveal details such as my identity, the place or the date because it might cause damage to me or the people around me. However, those who were at the scene and the police investigating this case would know that what I’m saying is true.

I’m going to talk informally, please understand.

In 2016, I was introduced to Seungri and his friends (the members in the group chat). They wanted to have fun together. Seungri wasn’t like a celebrity, he took care of his friends and my friends really well. I thought he was a good person, so I thought his friends were also decent. In the evening, we started drinking. The ‘Mr.Kim’ that’s being issued for sharing hidden cams with Jung Joon Young talked to me a lot and kept giving me drinks.

I drank a few without hesitation. I don’t remember what happened. My friends know that I’m very good with alcohol, so I barely get drunk. It’s not like I blank out when I drink. But when I finally woke up, my friends were shaking me to wake me up. My bra and my shirt were pulled up, and my underwear was rolled down. I was so shocked so I left the place in a hurry. My friends kept asking me what happened but I couldn’t remember. I was already so embarrassed and ashamed to my friends so I acted like nothing happened. My friends were still worried because it didn’t make sense that I got drunk and my clothes were undone. I didn’t have an evidence so I couldn’t do anything and I was so ashamed, so I let the incident pass. It was at a pension that only Seungri, Seungri’s friends, me, and my friends had hung out, so I’ve always thought the assault was done by one of Seungri’s group. Since then, I didn’t have a chance to run into them again, so I thought I just had to forget about it and was glad I didn’t remember what happened. Time passed like that.

When the news reported that the group chat of Seungri/Jung Joon Young was unveiled, I was scared because I knew all the members in the chat. So I avoided the news at first. Eventually, I was curious and read up the details. One of their conversations happened to take place on the same day as the incident I was in. I gathered up my courage and asked my friends if those members were still contacting them. I told them I didn’t have good feelings about it. Finally, my friend told me that Mr. Kim and his friends later said they raped me, but they laughed and showed off that I wouldn’t be able to report them because it happened a while ago. My friends stayed quiet because it’s not like I’ll see them again and because I’m doing fine as if it didn’t happen. My friends didn’t want to make me suffer and they were also torn apart because they didn’t know what to do in the middle of this. My friends were terrified and stopped seeing Seungri’s group since then.

I heard the police are looking for the victim women. I got the news late because I’m at overseas to take care of something, but if I can help with the investigation, I want to help as much as I can. Mr. Kim is getting investigated for sharing videos and violence but I would feel less upset if he also gets investigated for rape and illegal filming.

I can’t get their Katalk chat out of my head. I’m very terrified that they were talking about what assumes to be me and making severe jokes. I thought I would see these victims on the news only but I’m shocked that I happen to be one of them. I think it’ll be a trauma forever.
Mr. Kim, you know who I am, right?

Everyone, I’m sorry that I can’t say any more detail.

I don’t know how to get a police investigation, so I’m writing here first to get your help.

First of all, I’m thinking of sending an email to a journalist who’s investigating this gate. I’m worried that he might miss my email and my words get buried forever, so I’m writing here first.

I hope the criminals get the punishment for every crime they’ve committed.

It’s not a fake story. My friends can’t carry me so they pinched me, hit me, and shook me to wake me up and they also put my clothes back on. When I woke up, my friends were acting upset and telling me to wake up. They were telling me how I looked. On the next day, my body was covered with bruises because my friends had hit me and pinched me that hard to wake me up, but I still couldn’t manage to wake up. Even after hearing this, I was drowsy and couldn’t decide on what to do. I just wanted to run away from it. Three of my friends found me in that state.
People advised me that I shouldn’t report to the police because the police might be involved in this, so I’ve reported to SBS news. One of the commenters made a PDF copy of my post and reported it to ‘Unanswered Questions’. Thank you.”

The public is shocked by the details of this post. Thought that drugging and using hidden camera to record was the worst things to happen, but now Seungri and Jung Joon Young’s group might have to face another serious charge: raping.

  • What’s with the people that drug and rape women? Are they scared of sober women? Such losers. Women are not a toy, you disgusting beasts! Would you laugh if your female family members get raped like that? Even if the police shames you and makes it your fault, please keep on fighting. They’re monsters.
  • Call the staff of ‘Unanswered Questions’. I’m sure they’re airing an episode on Burning Sun this week.
  • If it’s indeed you, it might be hard but please go to the police and make a statement. If this post is fake, you should delete it because it could lead to a bigger scale. I’m not suspicious of you, I’m just worried. It must’ve been tough times. Gather up your strength and go to the police!
  • Burning Sun Lee Moon Ho’s warrant got cancelled. Shim Madam, Lee Moon Ho, Lee Si Hyung (Lee Myung Bak’s son) and Lee Sang Kyun (Kim Moo Sung’s son-in-law) are all related. They’re burying Burning Sun… Never forget.
  • If you really want to rape, buy a sex doll. If you have sex with a woman who’s sleeping, how is this any different from a sex doll? Disgusting, Jung Joon Young’s group members aren’t human.
  • (SBS journalist asking the OP to contact her)
    At the moment, this post is still on Pann and hasn’t been deleted yet (many have asked her to delete this post if it is a fake one). Many journalists from various media sources and broadcast stations have commented below the post and asked her to contact them. Due to this reason, the story might appear on the media soon.

Sources: Kpopkfans

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