Kim Jong Kook mistakenly said “my bed” to Song Ji Hyo, making viewers excited

In the latest episode of Running Man, Kim Jong Kook accidentally said a line that made fans sail the SpartAce ship harder. 

The moments of the SpartAce couple never disappoint viewers. In the recent episode 570 of Running Man, kim jong kook and Song Ji Hyo made fans swoon because of an “accidental” but precious moment. This moment becomes even more special when it was enthusiastically amplified by “captain of the SpartAce ship” Haha and another shipper Yang Se Chan.

Jong Kook realized what he just mistakenly said

Specifically, when showing Ji Hyo how to jump over the fence, Jong Kook said, “Jump and land as if you’re lying down on my bed.” As soon as he finished his sentence, Yoo Jae Suk who was standing next to him, repeated: “My bed?”. When he realized what he just said could be taken the wrong way, Kim Jong Kook could no longer take it back.

Haha and Se Chan couldn’t miss the chance to “sail the ship” 

Seizing the opportunity, Haha got up with Se Chan and started to excitedly dance and sing, “Just for one day I would like to be the bed in your room baby” (DBSK’s Hug lyrics) causing Jong Kook and Ji Hyo to be too embarrassed to say anything.

Haha couldn’t stop teasing Jong Kook, he told Jong Kook to lie on the bed and use his arm to support Ji Hyo.
Se Chan and Haha are very passionate shippers of the SpartAce couple
Haha had fun teasing “Mr Capable”
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