“Casting him is perfect” This actor is receiving high praise for his performance in “Doctor Cha” 

Kim Byung Chul, who is currently making a splash in JTBC’s weekend drama “Doctor Cha”, is receiving much attention from viewers.

Recently, as JTBC’s ongoing drama “Doctor Cha” surpassed a 16% viewer rating (as provided by Nielsen Korea), Korean netizens have been flooding online communities with comments saying that “Kim Byung Chul is the main contributor to the success of ‘Doctor Cha’.” 

“Doctor Cha” deals with the somewhat heavy and sensitive topic of extramarital affair, but Kim Byung Chul’s unique combination of seriousness and comedy is said to neutralize it.


Kim Byung Chul’s choice of dramas is also outstanding. Since his appearance in KBS 2TV’s “Descendants of the Sun” in 2016, he has continued to star in hit dramas such as tvN’s “Goblin”, “Mr. Sunshine”, and JTBC’s “SKY Castle”. 

Kim Byung Chul also gained positive reviews for his performances in KBS 2TV’s “Love in the Moonlight,” OCN’s “Tunnel,” KBS 2TV’s “Doctor Prisoner,” and other dramas where he played leading or supporting roles.

If you had to compare, most of the roles Kim Byung Chul has played are not “good” characters, but rather “villains.” It is a role that can easily seem frivolous if done wrong. However, Kim Byung Chul has skillfully portrayed his antagonistic roles with cheekiness and agility.

Meanwhile, “Doctor Cha” tells the story of Cha Jung Suk (Uhm Jung Hwa), a regular housewife who survives a life-threatening situation and starts a new life as a resident at a hospital. After its premiere on April 15th with a 4.9% viewer rating, the drama has steadily risen in popularity and reached 16.2% after 4 weeks.

Netizens who have watched “Doctor Cha” left comments: 

  • “Doctor Cha casting of Kim Byung Chul is Dod’s work” 
  • “Even if the story is a bit lacking, watching Kim Byung Chul’s performance refreshes everything” 
  • “He only does bad things in the drama, but he somehow it’s impossible to hate him”
  • “Kim Byung Chul’s charm is exploding”

Source: wikitree. 

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