Song Seung-hun Sweats Over Sudden Match-making With Han Hye-jin

Actor Song Seung-hun is surprised by the sudden match-making with Han Hye-jin on “Radio Star”

The upcoming episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” which will air on May 29th, is a special “War of Actors” starring Song Seung-hun, Lee Si-eon, Oh Yeon-seo and Jang Gyu-ri.

In a pre-released cut video of this episode, Lee Si-eon recalled model Han Hye-jin gifting him a Channel luxury watch, adding, “I appear on her YouTube whenever Han Hye-jin calls me.”

Song Seung-heon

“Radio Star” hosts asked, “You’re going to take this opportunity to clear up your debt to Han Hye-jin?” Lee Si-eon pointed to Song Seung-hun, saying, “Actually, I don’t know how Hye-jin feels, but Hye-jin’s mother always tells me to, ‘Please introduce her to a man,'” and then he looked to Song, adding “There was no one that came to mind then, but I have just thought off one person.” Song Seung-hun, who was drinking water next to him, was surprised by the sudden match-making.

“I’m just asking. If you don’t want to, look at the camera and say it,” Lee said, and Song stuttered, saying, “Hye-jin is so… so cool…! Why all of a sudden…” Lee burst into laughter. The MCs also said, “You don’t know what your relationship will become,” and “You don’t know what fate can bring you.”

Song Seung-hun explained why he was surprised, saying, “He has never told me this before, and he suddenly brought it up here,” host Kim Gu-ra joked, “I think (Lee Si-eon) is saying it to create a hot buzz topic.” Song Seung-hun was genuinely curious, asking Lee, “You don’t even ask Hye-jin’s intention, and just…?”

The full episode will be on air at 10:30 PM today (KST).

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