Crush’s girlfriend Joy joined the perilla leaf debate: “Isn’t it normal to take perilla leaves off for others?”

Joy opened up about the perilla leaf controversy.

In an interview with Joy uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘W KOREA‘ on April 14th, Joy was asked about the “perilla leaf debate”. Joy burst into laughter as if it were a question she had heard many times before taking her stand on the argument.

Joy seemed to recall the time when she was asked that questions a lot, saying, “I thought it’s normal to just take the perilla leaves off each other (because these leaves tend to stick to each other) for anyone, but whenever I replied with that answer, people will try to persuade me by giving me a lot of specific examples.” Then Joy added, “But even if I think about it again, if someone is in a difficult situation where they can’t take off the leaves, I think it’s okay to take it off for them.”

Red Velvet Joy

The staff reacted to Joy’s answer, saying, “Joy is cool”, and Joy burst out laughing at this. She said, “Oh, I’m cool in a lot of weird situations, that’s how I am.”

Red Velvet Joy

In the video that day, Joy talked about her love for cup noodles as her TMI. In particular, she talked about the cup noodles she loved and shared her grateful feelings to those cup noodles, saying “I received a lot of comfort from you while filming the drama, thank you very much” (?). At this, the staff mentioned Joy’s drama JTBC’s The One and Only and made Joy laugh by saying, “‘The One and Only’ has left cup noodles.”

Red Velvet Joy

Meanwhile, Joy is currently dating singer Crush.

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