The mug used by BTS Jungkook sold out…Jungkook effect

The “mug” used by BTS Jungkook during a live broadcast was sold out.

On May 25th, Jungkook conducted a personal live broadcast under the title of “Knock Knock…” through the fan community Weverse.


The sophisticated blue mug used by Jungkook during the broadcast attracted fans’ attention. As information about the product was quickly conveyed through SNS, the mug used by Jungkook was listed as the No.1 bestseller on the online shopping mall “Amazon”.

In addition, on May 27th, two days after the live broadcast, the products of the color used by Jungkook were temporarily sold out on Amazon, once again proving his incredibly strong influence and far-reaching power.


Jungkook has enormous power to make the products he eats, wears and uses sold out just by doing personal broadcasts.

Meanwhile, BTS members are carrying out military service one after another according to the plan. Previously, members Jin (real name Kim Seok Jin, 30) and J-Hope (real name Jung Ho Seok, 29) applied to cancel the delay of military enlistment and enlisted as active-duty soldiers.

Source: Nate

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