The meaning of BTS RM’s new tattoo engraved on his ankle

BTS RM’s new tattoo on his ankle recently drew attention.

On the 10th, RM posted a picture on his Instagram story without saying anything. In the photo, the number 7 tattooed on RM’s ankle attracts attention. BTS members have previously mentioned friendship tattoos, so it can be speculated that RM’s ‘7’ tattoo, revealed this time, is a friendship tattoo.

BTS RM's new tattoo

Earlier, while communicating with fans, RM mentioned that he had a plan to get a friendship tattoo and said, “Let’s tattoo seven dots or do seven of something. Or just simply tattoo the number seven. But if we’re actually doing it, I want to do it on the ankle. You know, it’s simple.” 

BTS concept photos Door version

Meanwhile, BTS released the new album ‘Proof’ at 1 pm (KST) the same day. ‘Proof’ is an album that tells the 9-year history of BTS, and contains the members’ thoughts on BTS’s past, present, and future.

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