The majority shareholder of Chuu’s new agency is BY4M…An indissoluble connection

How far will the relationship between singer Chuu (24, Kim Ji Woo) and BY4M go?

It has been confirmed that the parent company of ATRP, former LOONA member Chuu’s new agency, is BY4M Studio (hereinafter BY4M).


ATRP announced on April 7th that they signed an exclusive contract with Chuu. ATRP is a new entertainment company created by CEO Kim Jin Mi, who directly discovered B1A4, Oh My Girl and ONF.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service’s Data Analysis, Retrieval and Transfer System, BY4M Studio owns a 77.78% stake in ATRP. At the time of ATRP’s establishment, they appear to have received some investment from BY4M Studio.

Regarding this, an official who is familiar with ATRP’s situation said, “Currently, the place where liquidity investment is most active in the entertainment industry is BY4M Studio. It’s a pity that the investment received when establishing the agency apart is related to BY4M Studio, which seems to be seen as a link between Chuu and BY4M among netizens.”

ATRP said, “ATRP is an independent company led by CEO Kim Jin Mi, and we only received some investment support as part of strategic investment from BY4M Studio as part of a strategic investment. We are currently attracting other investments.”


BY4M started as a digital marketing company based on SNS and is expanding their business to the music and film sectors.

They acquired MAJOR9, which includes singers Vibe, Ben and 4MEN. In 2021, Chuu was suspected of tampering (pre-contact) with BY4M before the end of the exclusive contract with her former agency Blockberry Creative.

The Korea Entertainment Management Association did not acknowledge the pre-contact between Chuu and BY4M as claimed by Blockberry. This was because there was no evidence to verify it.

Source: nate

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