Photo showing LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam once receiving a disciplinary sentence for school violence is widely shared on social media

Since before debut, LESSERAFIM Kim Garam has been entangled in rumors of school violence.

Recently a photo related to Kim Garam was widely shared on Twitter, attracting the attention of netizens. Notably, the photo shows information that Kim Garam had received a disciplinary sentence from the school for violent behavior towards another student. The authenticity of the photo above is unknown, but this information is in line with what was revealed by a person claiming to be Kim Garam’s classmate.

kim garam
*Profile number: 2018-3
Notice of handling measures under Articles 16 and 17 of “Law against SCHOOL VIOLATION” as follows.
Perpetrator Student: Grade 3 Year 1 – KIM GARAM
Victim Student: Grade 2 Year 1

Meanwhile, Hybe and Source Music have made an announcement regarding the controversies surrounding Kim Garam. Accordingly, the company said “contrary to the claims, it was confirmed through a third-party statement that Kim Garam was actually a victim of school bullying such as cyberbullying and malicious rumors when she entered school.”Kim Garam also said that it is difficult for her to talk about the controversies surrounding herself and had handed this matter over to the company to deal with.

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