Taeyeon and Key laughed out loud during live broadcast due to the “cigarette” incident

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and SHINee Key, who hosted a live YouTube broadcast with YouTuber Haetnim, burst out laughing because of “cigarettes”.

Recently, a mukbang video of YouTuber Haetnim, Taeyeon and Key has been uploaded on various online communities.

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Taeyeon and Key

In the video, the three appeared bewildered when a comment saying “Are there cigarettes in the middle?” came up while they were eating. They looked around and started looking for the whereabouts of the “cigarettes”. Key found a square-shaped object on the shelf.

Taeyeon and Key

Key found Taeyeon’s cassette album. It seems to have caused a misunderstanding as it was similar to a cigarette pack. The three began to laugh out loud, saying, “Young people don’t know this well.” Even Taeyeon fell under the table.

Taeyeon and Key

Netizens who saw this responded, “It looks like a cigarette pack at first glance”, “I thought it was a cigarette pack at first too”, “The sound of Taeyeon’s laughter is funny”…

Taeyeon and Key
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