Kim Min Ha, Jung Ryeo Won, Go Min Si, Jeon So Nee, “worst” fashion looks at luxury brand events

The fashion of stars at luxury brand events, particularly during seasonal transitions, always attracts attention.

While some celebrities flawlessly pull off high-end fashion, others struggle with awkward styling and excessive details, leading to disappointment. Let’s take a look at some of the worst fashion looks at luxury brand events.

Kim Min Ha‘s fashion choice is described as confusing and awkward. Her all-black coat with an Oriental touch and bulky skirt makes a strong impression, but the ill-fitting coat shape and poorly executed neckline leave much to be desired. Despite the elegance characteristic of brand D’s attire, her outdated styling, including a 5:5 parted hairstyle and bold red lip makeup, feels out of touch with the times.

worst fashion looks at luxury brand events

Jung Ryeo Won‘s outfit features a flashy two-piece with iconic flower embellishments from the brand. However, both the top and bottom appear somewhat oversized, and the fishnet detailing adds to the overall feeling of being “too much”. The belt meant to emphasize her silhouette ends up being distracting, contributing to a dull look that does not work well.

worst fashion looks at luxury brand events

Go Min Si exudes confidence in her demeanor and expression but falls short with her outfit. She wears a striking mohair-knit material sweater with a chaotic patterned skirt, creating a mismatched and “Too Much of Too Much” fashion. The skirt with ambiguous length, paired with tacky stockings and heels, detracts from the overall visual, resulting in a regrettable ensemble.

worst fashion looks at luxury brand events

Jeon So Nee dons a unique outfit consisting of a feather-adorned vest and an extremely long maxi skirt, showcasing her distinctive style. The vest, featuring feather-covered pockets, steals the spotlight, but the skirt with its excessive length seems impractical and burdensome. Her overall look represents an epitome of excessive fashion choices that border on overwhelming.

worst fashion looks at luxury brand events

Source: Naver

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