Extreme weight-loss methods that K-pop female idols went through to achieve the perfect body 

The diet methods followed by these female K-pop stars will surprise you. 

Besides talent, visuals are a crucial factor determining the popularity of female K-pop idols. Therefore, every female idol follows a diet to ensure that they always stay in shape and look the best on camera. There are even many idols who went on extreme diets to lose weight that left fans in shock. 

In order to look beautiful all the time, BLACKPINK has to take good care of their bodies 

Fans were once taken aback by BLACKPINK members’ meals during a magazine photo shoot. The production crew prepared the same menu with low calorie food for the members, including: Ciabatta sandwich with apple and chicken, anchovy rice balls, fruit salad, greek yogurt, and granola.

BLACKPINK’s meals during a schedule drew attention

BLACKPINK having a healthy diet with little food is not so surprising. However, netizens expressed their respect when the members did not require their meals to have strong taste-stimulating dishes such as meat and seafood despite their hectic work schedules.

Fans believe that while doing photoshoots, BLACKPINK has to ensure that their bodies are in the most perfect shape the entire time. If the servings were prepared too much, it could have made their belly a bit bigger than usual. The outcomes of their photoshoots would not have been flawless. 

BLACKPINK had humble portions of food so their bodies could look the best on camera 

YG used to be known as the company that prioritizes talent over visuals, but every female idol under YG has to be good-looking. For example, Somi, ever since she joined The Black Label (a subsidiary of YG), she has received many compliments for her “upgraded” visuals, thanks to the change in concept and major weight loss. 

Somi’s face has become significantly skinnier, helping her pretty features get highlighted even more. Somi’s tiny ant waist and surreal long legs are also what make her stand out. 

Somi’s legs make fans fascinated. 

To have a skinny figure like now, Somi has to practice self-control and maintain a strict exercise regimen. She also follows a difficult diet to lose weight. She once shared with fans about a dinner consisting of only granola and strawberries. This is a common dish for those who want to lose weight and stay in shape. 

Somi’s diet surprised fans 

Gugudan’s former member Kang Mina once opened up about her diet. Mina shared that when she looked back on her image on Produce 101, she was determined to get rid of her biceps fat. She ate nothing and only drank 2 bottles of carbonated water in a day.

“When I was watching my performance on Produce 101 for A Pink’s I Don’t Know, I noticed that my arms look so fat. I didn’t have the confidence to wear sleeveless tops anymore. So I decided to lose weight. I didn’t eat anything and only drank 2 bottles of carbonated water a day and now I have lost 41 pounds”, Mina said.

kang mina
Kang Mina’s weight loss surprised fans but also made fans worry about her 

TWICE’s Jihyo is another amazing case of weight loss among Kpop female idols. Before officially debuting in TWICE, Jihyo had days when she starved herself. The female idol chewed ice and spent a lot of time working out. In just a week, she managed to lose 7kg.

The motivation for Jihyo to lose weight is because a stylist once did not hold back when commenting on her chubby figure. The leader of TWICE shared, “I wasn’t confident in front of the camera, so I shied away. I just wanted to quickly sing or dance something. I hated taking pictures.”

Pre-debut Jihyo was not as skinny as she is now 
Her current body makes fans admire 

Visuals can be a huge pressure for K-pop idols. They always have to pay attention to their diet and exercise to avoid looking “unattractive” on camera. 

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