D.O.’s recent condition as an active training soldier is announced today

EXO's D.O. showed his manly image as a training soldier.

The South Korean military’s communication service, The Camp, released photos of the training soldiers on July 9th. D.O.‘s image caught the public’s attention.


D.O. took the pictures in front of the dormitory with his fellow soldiers, all in their gym outfit. He seems to be getting along well with his peers.

Despite his short hair, he still looked handsome. His bright eyes and chic look remained the same.

D.O. joined the army in secret on July 1st. After completing basic military training at the training camp, he is assigned to serve in the army.

I’ll go and return safely,” he wrote in his handwritten letter to his fanclub, “I’m so grateful to all of you who always support me, EXO-L. I hope everyone is always happy and healthy“.

Source: dispatch

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