Shin Won Ho PD talks about the possibility for a next drama of ‘Reply’ series

Recently, Shin Won-ho PD conducted a written interview to commemorate the end of tvN’s ‘Hospital Playlist Season 2‘. As ‘Hospital Playlist Season 2’ ended with an open ending, viewers are paying the greatest attention to the possibility of Season 3.

Shin Won-ho PD

In an interview after Season 2’s end, Shin Won-ho PD said, “There are still many stories related to patients and caretakers.” However, he announced that there are no plans for Season 3 right now, “It will not be easy to decide whether to continue the story again or not because there are a lot of concerns and fatigue accumulated while making the season system for the first time.”

Shin Won-ho PD also mentioned the ‘Reply’ series, which still raises expectations for a new series. He told My Daily, “It’s a project to which we feel very attached. We don’t have specific plans for when it will resume, but the possibility is always open.”

reply series drama

Starting with tvN’s ‘Reply 1997’ in 2012, ‘Reply 1994’ and ‘Reply 1988‘ were so popular that it would not be an exaggeration to say they created a syndrome when being broadcast. However, since there have been no updates on the ‘Reply’ series for 6 years since the end of 2015, fans are eagerly waiting for a follow-up season.

After ‘Hospital Playlist Season 2’, the public is focusing on the next work that the production team, including Shin Won-ho PD, will present.

hospital playlist

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