YouTuber With Rare Disease Is Shocked And Grateful To Have Lee Hyo-ri On Her Video, “She Said Hi First”

Singer Lee Hyo-ri recently had a surprise appearance on a small YouTube channel

Recently, a video titled “Vlog | Deep Talk with Lee Hyo-ri who I met by chance | Jeju Island 1 Night Vlog” was posted on the YouTube channel DailyYeoni, a channel about the process of a girl fighting a rare skin disease.

In the video, the YouTuber was traveling to Jeju from Gimpo Airport. At this time, Lee Hyo-ri was on board next to her in the business section. The YouTuber recalled, “I was on the plane and the seat next to me was Hyori. After takeoff, she talked to me first, and when I talked about YouTube, she suggested that we film the conversation. She also allowed me to upload it.”

lee hyori

Lee Hyo-ri was captured on camera and had a lengthy conversation with the girl for about 20 minutes. She also asked in detail about how the YouTuber battled the rare skin disease.

At the end of the conversation, Lee Hyo-ri joked, “Do many people watch the channel? I’m going to watch it when I go home.” “You are wearing a nice bag. It’s pretty and branded. It looks like you’re wearing pretty shoes, too.”

When the YouTuber said, “I can’t keep up with you,” Lee Hyo-ri said, “It’s my profession (being on camera). Enjoy your trip, and cheer up even when you’re hospitalized.

The owner of the channel, which has about 39,000 subscribers, said in the explanation section, “Something unbelievable has happened to me. I still can’t believe I talked to Hyori,” adding, “She really looked at me with sincere eyes and focused on me when I talked to her. It was so comfortable and friendly that I, who was very introverted, spoke my mind. I’m so grateful to Hyori for making such unforgettable memories for me.”

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