Jeon So-mi confirmed her solo debut on May 1st, completed recording →MV shooting scheduled

Singer Jeon So-mi has confirmed her solo debut date.

Her agency, The Black Label, said that So-mi is preparing for her solo debut with the goal of May 1.


Jeon So-mi’s first track is under Teddy’s production of The Black Label. With the recording finished, the music video is planned to be filmed soon.

Teddy, who produced Jeon So-mi’s solo debut, has produced world-wide hits as a producer of YG’s leading female artists such as 2NE1 and BLACK PINK. Recently, BLACK PINK Jennie’s ‘SOLO’ was a mega hit, proving again the premium chemistry of him with female artists.

Jeon So-mi revealed on her Instagram a photo of her in the working room with The Black Label staff, raising the curiosity of fans.

In response, music fans are excited about what style of music the main producer Teddy and Jeon So-mi will perform.

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