Jang Won-young showed off her doll-like, no belly fat physique

Jang Won-young, a member of IVE, updated her recent situation by showing off her doll-like visuals.

On Dec 16th, Jang Won-young posted a photo through her personal Instagram account.


In the released photo, she is seen showing off her doll-like visuals.  Even at the age of 18, she catches the public’s eye by showing off her amazing height of 173cm, making people feel like she’s a living doll walking around.

Fans also responded in various ways, such as, “I know she is pretty, but I didn’t know it was this much…” “You really don’t need a mannequin if you have her,” and “I’m more jealous that she doesn’t have any belly fat.”

Meanwhile, IVE member Jang Won-young appeared on the YouTube channel “I Don’t Have Anything Up,” which aired on Dec 10th. Jang Won-young, who announced her new debut as an IVE member, answered coolly, “I have a lot of gossip about me, but my personality is the kind that doesn’t feel hurt much, so I don’t care if it’s not true and I don’t care about what people said” when asked about the gossip surrounding her.

Above all, Jang Won-young wore a princess accessory item that she bought at a 5,000 won stationery store that day, showing off her luxury visuals that made 5,000 won worth like 50 million won.

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