Yoona on recording for Girls’ Generation’s upcoming album, “I was moved to tears at the members’ voice”

Girls’ Generation has returned as a complete group after 5 years through “Soshi Tam Tam”. 

In JTBC’s variety show “Soshi Tam Tam”, ‘Sosi Tam Tam’, which was first broadcast on July 5th, a tea party to celebrate Girls’ Generation‘s 15th debut anniversary was held. 

On this day, Girls’ Generation members were dressed in various concepts, from their debut song “Into The New World” in 2007 to “All Night” released in 2017. In particular, the members were surprised by their choice of costumes with different concepts, even though they did not discuss it in advance.

Girls’ Generation then planned their activities by coming up with rules and assigning respective responsibilities. First thing on the list was to set the punishment fee on being late. The members said, “We won’t be late if we bet money,” and Sooyoung suggested, “10,000 won per 10 minutes late.” Then the tea party said, “It’s too little” and answered “Both” to the question, ‘Do you have a lot of money? Are you saying you can’t be late?’, showing confidence.

Girls’ Generation then drove together for the first time in a long time and went on a full-fledged trip while eating Kimbap.

Members immersed themselves in various games, from “Annyeong Cleopatra” game to the balance game. The explosion of dolphin sounds and impressive high notes in the “Annyeong Cleopatra” game and tricks to avoid eliminations in the “Song Word Chain” game resulted in an exciting journey. In addition, the members, who also got excited about the perilla leaf debate, the padded zip-up debate, and the shoelace-tying debate, drew laughter as they presented detailed settings and clear solutions while being trapped in the never-ending balance game.

Afterward, the members arrived at the sea and spent some time getting rid of their worries. After lunch, room assigning missions for the 15th-anniversary friendship trip began. The members who succeed in the mission would be given the choice to choose their room. After checking through various missions, such as “two members locking fingers with each other for more than 10 seconds”, “making wraps for all the members”, “borrow 15,000 won”, etc., the members shouted “What are you talking about?” and poured out intense reactions.

While on their way to their accommodation, Tiffany asked, “It’s been a while since we recorded a new song. How do you guys feel?”. In fact, Girls’ Generation is currently preparing for their comeback album. Yoona said, “I was the last member to finish the recording. I got goosebumps when I heard the members’ voices. I got so emotional that I even cried”, adding, “I then realized, ‘Oh, this is really Girls’ Generation’”. Sooyoung also shared, “Our group’s singing parts sound beautiful. When our voices are combined, it makes such a pretty sound”.

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