Park Min Young resumes SNS after 4 months, elegant goddess-like beauty 

Actress Park Min Young, who returned to SNS after 4 months, showed off her captivating beauty and slender collarbone.

On May 21st, Park Min Young posted a photo of herself on Instagram along with the emoji, “Soon“.

In her photo, Park Min Young is seen with her hair styled up in a bun elegantly and makeup that emphasizes her innocent charm. She also drew attention with a delicate collarbone line, clear facial features, and a fresh smile.


It is known that the photo is Park Min Young’s first post on Instagram after 4 months, despite the actress having been actively communicating with fans previously. As a result, the post drew a lot of interest. 

Meanwhile, in September of last year, Park Min Young became entangled in a controversy, as she was revealed to have been dating a troublesome businessman who has committed a lot of illegal actions. Two days after, however, news of a breakup was announced through Park Min Young’s agency.

On the other hand, Park Min Young has been considering her next work since her drama “Love in Contract” ended last October.

Source: Nate 

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