“I’m getting goosebumps,” a chaebol’s daughter is suddenly mentioned amid V and Jennie’s dating rumor

A new side of the story about V and Jennie, who are rumored to be dating, is surfacing.

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie are rumored to be in a relationship. This suspicion has been spreading through the online community since May 22nd.


A photo of a man and a woman in a car together in Jeju Island is spreading online as the owner of that photo said they took it because that couple looked so similar to V and Jennie.

jennie bts v

On May 23rd, entertainment Youtuber Lee Jin-ho posted a video titled “V ♥ Jennie’s Jeju date? The reason why their relationship with this chaebol lady is shocking” on his Youtube channel. Lee Jin-ho said, “If V and Jennie actually date, there is this one strange thing.”

BTS V Jennie

He mentioned Jeon, the granddaughter of Paradise Group founder. V attended the KIAF 2021 VVIP preview event held at COEX in Gangnam, Seoul in October last year, and Jeon was seen accompanying him. Rumors of a romantic relationship broke out as their photos were spread online, but V denied it.

BTS V Jennie
BTS V Jennie

Lee Jin-ho said, “Jeon and Jennie are known to be close friends, as they have taken photos together at a party. If Jennie really goes out with V, that means she is seeing her friend’s ex-boyfriend. Moreover, it has been less than a year since V’s dating rumor with Jeon broke out,” he claimed.

BTS V Jennie

In the meantime, “YG only has 2 answers regarding dating rumors of its celebrity. If it’s not true, it will mention a “legal response,” but in the opposite case, it will use the expression “We don’t know because it’s the artist’s personal privacy.”

BTS V Jennie
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