HYBE responded to BTS V’s dating rumor with the daughter of Paradise group’s chairman

BTS V has recently been said to be in a relationship.

Lately, rumors claiming BTS V is dating the daughter of Paradise Group’s Chairman, Jeon Philip, have been spread on online communities. Some netizens spotted V at an exhibition together with Chairman Jeon Philip’s wife, COB Choi Yoon-jung. It is reported that the daughter of Chairman Jeon Philip also appeared at the event. Moreover, the bracelet that V often wears is also rumored to be a product of the brand launched by Paradise Group Chairman’s daughter.

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In this regard, V’s company, HYBE stated, “The family of COB Choi Yoon-jung and V are just acquaintances.”

It is true that V attended the KIAF 2021 VVIP preview event on October 13th. Although V covered his face with a mask, many fans still recognized him thanks to his distinctive fashion. According to witnesses, while watching the exhibition, V also talked to fans without hesitation. The event was not private. Therefore, it’s impossible to claim that a famous star like V could date publicly at such a crowded event like this. Moreover, it is also known that the bracelet V wears was a gift from his member, Jin.

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Although the sudden dating rumor has been denied, fans are still expressing their frustration that people keep on making up thoughtless rumors. They believe if it is true that the two are dating, fans should support their love. However, in case it’s just a rumor, the company should respond immediately and strongly to prevent unnecessary damage to the image of V and the girl.

Source: Daeum

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