This child actress from “Love in the Moonlight” completely transformed into a visual goddess at the age of 17

Now 17 years old, actress Kim Ji Young, who played the younger version of Kim Yoo Jung in “Love in the Moonlight”, has turned out to be quite the beauty. 

The child actress Kim Ji Young used to earn the audience’s love with various young roles in famous K-dramas like “Love in the Moonlight”, “Itaewon Class”, and most recently, “Melancholia”. Now, the 2005-born actress has matured and become a hot topic among Korean netizens, even topping the Naver real-time search charts. 

kim ji young
Kim Ji Young used to be adored for her cute childish look. At the time, she was not yet regarded as overwhelmingly gorgeous. 

From a cute adorable child, the 17-years-old Kim Ji Young blossomed to be quite a beauty. Overtime, the actress has lost her baby fat, showing clearer her facial visuals with a V-line face and high nose bridge. Now, she’s an up-and-rising visual goddess in the Korean acting industry. 

kim ji young instagram
Now 17 years old, the actress has blossomed into a visual goddess with sharp facial features and an eye-catching fashion style. 
kim ji young instagram
Kim Ji Young truly shines in a fairy-like, feminine style. Having lost her baby fat, her visual became clearer with a high and slim nose. 
kim ji young instagram
Even in close-up shots, the actress never fails to be drop-dead gorgeous. Her large shining eyes, fair skin, and full lips form an unrivaled beauty. 
kim ji young instagram
The blossoming 17-years-old Kim Ji Young will be a formidable face in the Korean acting industry. 
kim ji young instagram
The actress’s surreal beauty can easily switch between a strong, rebellious image and a more dreamy, innocent one. 
kim ji young instagram
This particular photo totally blew the public away with its class, elegance, and super alluring beauty. In a camisole gown, the actress boasted her straight shoulders and sexy collarbone. 
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