Song Hye Kyo tops the list of beautiful actresses with successful careers 

Song Hye Kyo takes the lead among the ranks of top Korean actresses from the 2000s who rose to fame thanks to their beauty and career.

Choi Ji Woo

At the start of her career, Choi Ji Woo was often known as the “Queen of Tears” due to the weeping female roles she took up. As a matter of fact, she was good at delivering the role. The actress was popular during 2002 and 2003 with two hit dramas, “Winter Sonata” and “Stairway to Heaven”.

Choi Ji woo

Nonetheless, in real life, Choi Ji Woo is a career woman. She is independent and has built a massive fortune for herself. The actress only got married and gave birth to a daughter at the age of 44. At 48, Choi Ji Woo still boasts a youthful beauty and an a model level of fitness.

Song Hye Kyo

Like other actresses, Song Hye Kyo, back in the day, took up a lot of fragile female roles that needed protection. With the successful performance of two main roles in the drama “Autumn in My Heart” and “All In”, she quickly entered the ranks of the top female stars at that time.


Song Hye Kyo has not diminished in popularity. Fans even witness, with every 10 years, actress Song finds a new career height. At 30, she had “Descendants of the Sun”. At 40, there is “The Glory”. Though there are ups and downs, Song Hye Kyo has found a new path in her career as Moon Dong Eun and experimented with something new outside of the romantic comedy genre.

Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin was shot to stardom at a very young age. The actress is known for portraying fragile and innocent female roles in drama classics, such as “The Classic” and “Summer Scent”.


Throughout her acting career, Son Ye Jin has developed a diverse and bold filmography. She took up a variety of television to movie projects with different types of roles. She wanted to show that she is more than an on-screen damsel in distress. After years of dedication, the “Crash Landing on You” star found herself a home with actor Hyun Bin. They got married in 2022 and Ye Jin gave birth to the couple’s firstborn child in the same year. They are leading a fulfilling life.

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