Itaewon Class’ Japanese version confirmed to air in July

“Itaewon Class”, the hot work that caused “Park Sae-ro-yi syndrome”, will be remade in Japan.

In July, the Japanese remake drama “Roppongi Class” of “Itaewon Class” will premiere on TV Asahi, Japan’s representative terrestrial broadcaster. Roppongi Class” is a Korea-Japan joint project by SLL (formerly JTBC Studio), which produced the Korean version of the drama, Kakao Entertainment and TV Asahi, so it is expected to raise the level of completeness based on the original’s experience.

Itaewon Class

Japanese rising star Takeuchi Ryoma has confirmed his casting for the role of Park Sae-ro-yi, the main character played by actor Park Seo-joon. Takeuchi Ryoma has proven both his acting ability and popularity by starring in the movie “My Teacher, My Love”, the dramas “Downtown Rocket”, “Ship of Theseus” and “Love You as the World Ends”.

Itaewon Class

A still cut was posted on the official SNS account of “Roppongi Class” today (April 25th). The photo shows Takeuchi Ryoma, who transformed into Park Sae-ro-yi, standing alone in what appears to be Roppongi Street in Tokyo. With chestnut hair, he showed Park Sae-ro-yi’s personality through slightly knitted brows and a grim look. Expectations are high on how he will portray Park Sae-ro-yi, a hot-blooded young man who moved to Roppongi in Tokyo.

On the other hand, the drama “Itaewon Class”, based on the Kakao Entertainment webtoon of the same name, depicts the founding myth of young people who unite with stubbornness and courage in an unreasonable world.

Itaewon Class

This work, which was broadcast in Korea in 2020, recorded the highest rating of 18.3% (Nielsen Korea, paid households in the metropolitan area).

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