Sulli was not respected even after passing away

Although Sulli is not long for this world, there’s a lot of gossip about her going around. It’s like she is sleeping, but people do not keep quiet.

Recently, the documentary about the departed Kpop star – Sulli became the focus of controversy after it was broadcast. Her mother and her ex-boyfriend Choiza had to receive a a barrage of criticism for actions the audience had only heard of. In response to the public backlash, the episode was deleted by MBC.

The show’s director said, “Sulli passed away due to a number of complicated issues, so just putting all the responsibility on Choiza is a big misunderstanding. I hope there won’t be any more negative stories about it. Choiza too “.

The dead cannot speak. That is why we cannot guess what Sulli thought before she left this world. Perhaps Sulli wouldn’t want her friends to talk so badly about her mother that her brother had to react with hard words.

On September 10, the MBC reportage series titled “Why is Sulli uncomfortable?” aired. This is a documentary produced with the aim of looking back at Sulli’s life.

However, this film annoyed Knet because the edits were clearly contradictory to that very good original purpose. Sulli’s love story with Choiza, who is mentioned the most in her life, stands out when the director used her mother’s words to express. The song The One to Kill (by Choiza’s group – Dynamic Duo) is also used as the background music. The press release, issued the day after the show aired, raised doubts about the purpose of the production team. 
They show off that the documentary had taken the highest rating position after only two episodes aired. It is also understandable why Sulli was chosen as the main character of thisnewly deployed documentary program.

Controversy does not stop there. The appearance of A – “a Sulli’s 15-year-old soulmate” has turned things into a new dimension. This person revealed what happened to Sulli and mentioned Sulli’s mother. According to A, Sulli’s mother lives off the daughter’s economy.Instead of saving money for Sulli, she also went to the company to apply for her salary advance. 
“Jinri (Sulli’s real name) has been taken advantage of all her life and now her mother is still using her. Last time, I was quiet because I didn’t know anything. I want her mother to stop before everything going too far. Please stop taking advantage of her “, A wrote on her social networking account.

And B – an acquaintance of Sulli who was interviewed in a few previous reports also said, “This documentary has become a documentary about ‘Choi Jin-ri’s mother’, not about Choi Jin-ri “. B thinks that how Sulli lived only belonged to Sulli. So family members should stay quiet instead of making fun of Sulli’s friends and her lover, or worst of all, cursing her fans.

Both A and B have doubts about the true purpose of the editorial board. They talk about the person of Sulli’s mother, the central character of the documentary. They called her “a typical bad mother”.

But another question arises. Did Sulli really think her mother was a “bad mother”? Even when Sulli’s relationship with her mother was broken because of money and love issues, is it possible to say that she had completely abandoned her mother? Besides, did Sulli really want people to know that her mother is wicked?

Neither A nor B can change anything. That’s why their stories can only be considered as personal feelings. But the situation was getting worse. The criticism directed at Choiza is now directed at Sulli’s mother. It was too selfish and cruel to criticize her and assume it was because of Sulli.

At the same time, Sulli’s brother also appeared. He said, “Turns out this is the kind of friend my sister used to respect? Dare they claim to know Sulli better than anyone else? You guys are not qualified to say that. More sad than anyone else but rushed to film ‘I Want to Know’ (a report on Sulli’s death)? I wonder if it was the friends who really stood by my sister during the toughest times.”

“If you are a real friend, you must show Sulli the right direction.”

Sulli’s older brother’s above words have been reduced with obscene words. In fact, he constantly used heavy scolding words to criticize Sulli’s friends fiercely. 
If he really thinks about Sulli as a celebrity, perhaps he will regret why not use the words more cautiously.

From the broadcast of the documentary to the war of words between her friends and family, it can be seen that there is no respect for the departed singer. Perhaps Sulli will not be able to imagine her ex and her mother suffering more pain just because of a documentary about her, causing people, who she loves, to condemn and humiliate each other like that.

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