Suzy spotted on the way to a filming see.… The real-life visual is like a doll

Actress Suzy’s real-life beauty is drawing attention.

Recently, pictures of Suzy have been posted on various online communities and SNS.

In the published photo, Suzy is moving to a filming set and gets in the car.  A man who looks like a manager is holding an umbrella for her. 

From a distance, Suzy looks like a doll.  The actress’ small face and perfect body proportions made netizens admire. Although the photo was taken from a distance, her perfect nose bridge can still be seen clearly.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “I thought it was a doll”, “It feels like that when you see Suzy in real life”, “You can see the bridge of the nose even though it was filmed from a distance”.

Source: wikitree

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