Kim Woobin drew the line with Ryu Jun-yeol, “I’m your senior thou”

Actor Kim Woo-bin clearly stated that he is senior to Ryu Jun-yeol.

YouTube channel First Look recently uploaded an interview video with the main cast of the movie “Alienoid” titled, “Internal noise MAX! The ‘Alienoid’ friends who love each other so much.”

Director Choi Dong-hoon, So Ji-seop, Cho Woo-jin, Kim Eui-sung, Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Tae-ri, and Kim Woo-bin got divided into different teams to answer the interview.

Among them, the team of Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Tae-ri, and Kim Woo-bin made everyone laugh with their extraordinary Tiki-Taka chemistry. When asked, “What did the other person save me as?” Ryu Jun-yeol expressed his confidence, saying, “I think I can guess everything right.”

He then told Kim Woo-bin, “I think he would save me as ‘Ryu Jun-yeol hyung’. I don’t think he would call me ‘senior’.” Then Kim Woo-bin said softly, “You’re not my senior. I’m your senior.”. In response, Ryu Jun-yeol laughed, saying, “Hey, that was very cold.”

When Kim Tae-ri, who sat next to him, laughed, he pointed out, “What are you laughing at, you junior?” and Kim Tae-ri said, “It’s just a few months apart. You really count those few months? Are you that petty?” Ryu Jun-yeol immediately cleared up the situation, saying, “No.” Kim Woo-bin then revealed he saved Ryu Jun-yeol as “Ryu Jun-yeol hyung.”

Ryu Jun-yeol then said that Kim Tae-ri would have saved them as “Kim Woo-bin oppa”, and “just Ryu Jun-yeol,” but neither was right. When Kim Tae-ri said, “I save you guys as ‘Woo-bin senior” and “Actor Ryu Jun-yeol,” Ryu Jun-yeol said, “What is this? Why did you draw the line so weird?” drawing laughter.

In response, Kim Tae-ri said, “I don’t change what the names that saved at first. When I first met Woo-bin, I called him senior, and Jun-yeol was saved as “Actor” only because he is not my senior,” she explained.

Kim Tae-ri then stressed that Jun-yeol is not her senior, said, “I call everyone my seniors at first sight.” However, when Ryu Jun-yeol said, “Please save my name as Jun-yeolie,” Kim Tae-ri gladly accept, saying she liked it before saying to the other 2 actors that “I want you to save me as ‘Our Tae-ri’.”

The first part of “Alienoid” is a movie about “Guard” (Kim Woo-bin) and “Lee Ahn” (Kim Tae-ri), who went to 631 years ago to prevent the escape of an alien prisoner trapped in a human body who was trying to take over the Sword of God.

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