Seo Ye Ji: A thorny rose who rose to fame overnight, lost it all because of ex-boyfriend, and her unclear future

Actress Seo Ye Ji worked her way up from the very bottom, only to have her career ruined by an actor from “Crash Landing On You” 

Seo Ye Ji is an actress who has it all, from beauty, talent, to personality. After landing the female lead role in the K-drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”, she was basically shot to stardom overnight, and became a sought-after name right as the series aired. With her willingness to act “crazy” for the role, iconic fashion style, and spectacular beauty, Seo Ye Ji quickly seared her name into the minds of K-drama fans. 

Seo Yeji

However, right at the peak of her career, Seo Ye Ji was accused of manipulating and gaslighting her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, who drew attention after starring in “Crash Landing On You”. According to leaked text messages, Seo Ye Ji forbade Kim Jung Hyun from having interactions with staff, making skinship with his co-stars, leading to him treating SNSD Seohyun harshly. 

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Even now, after she has apologized and returned to the small screen, Seo Ye Ji’s future remains an unanswered question. 

A late bloomer of Kbiz

Born in 1990, and raised in the bustling city of Seoul, Seo Ye Ji led a smooth childhood with her family. However, the actress was rather unconfident about herself – a complete contrast to her somewhat egoistical image on the screen. 

According to Seo Ye Ji herself, she used to hate her signature husky voice. However, she later learned that it was suitable for the Spanish language, and so to become a news announcer, she decided to apply to the Journalism department at the Complutense University of Madrid. 

Seo yeji scandal 1890
Seo Ye Ji was rather unconfident about herself because of her signature husky voice. 

Soon enough, Seo Ye Ji’s visuals drew the eyes of talent agencies. At first, Seo Ye Ji refused the offer of Made in Chan, thinking that the entertainment industry is not for her. However, the CEO’s resilience managed to convince the actress, thus opening up a whole new path for Seo Ye Ji. 

Having made her acting debut at the age of 23, Seo Ye Ji is considered to be a “late bloomer” of Kbiz. She used to star in an MV with BIGBANG’s G-dragon, a CF pictorial with EXO, and played numerous roles in K-dramas like Potato Star 2013, Moorim School: Saga of the Brave, Save Me, Lawless Lawyer, and so on. Her life took a drastic turning point in 2020, as the series “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”, where she starred alongside actor Kim So Hyun, became a global sensation. 

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After the series ended, audiences couldn’t help but wax poetic about Seo Ye Ji’s alluring appearance and her unique yet overflowing aura. Even the actress’s physique was outstanding, with a height of 170cm (5’5), super long legs, a small waist, and a sexy cleavage. 

seo ye ji
Seo Ye Ji’s visual is the perfect combination of cold, captivating, classiness, elegance, yet sharpness. 
seo ye ji
The actress’s physique can make a lot of jaws drop, with a height of 170cm (5’5), super long legs, a small waist, and a sexy cleavage.
eve scandal seo ye ji 11122021 1
Seo Ye Ji easily draws eyes with her appearance. 

The shocking scandal that ruined her career

In April 2021, showbiz could not help but be shocked by the scandal Seo Ye Ji gaslighted her boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, causing him to behave rudely towards Seohyun (SNSD).  At that time, Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun were dating, after filming “Stay With Me” together.

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Seo Ye Ji allegedly wanted Jung Hyun to limit his romantic or intimate scenes with Seohyun…
kim jung hyun seohyun 639370
… causing Seohyun to break into tear right at the filming set

After that, a series of former staff and old friends also exposed the actress. She was accused of undergoing plastic surgery, bullying classmates, falsifying her education background, scamming, and being rude to staff.

Yunho (DBSK) is also said to be one of Seo Ye Ji’s victims. He was said to completely change his attitude on the filming set after meeting Seo Ye Ji, from friendly and gentle to angry with the staff.  Under public pressure, Seo Ye Ji’s management company had to admit to her relationship with Kim Jung Hyun, but denied all allegations of gaslighting.

seo ye ji scandal 1381y9930
Seo Ye Ji’s past photos was spread widely on SNS
seo ye ji yunho 3970
Seo Ye Ji was rumored to once be in a relationship Yunho (DBSK)
Seo ye ji scandal 18833
Seo Ye Ji was accused of bullying her friends when was at school
seo ye ji
In addition, Seo Ye Ji was also accused of lying about her education.  Accordingly, she was said to have never studied in Spain, which is not like the information provided in her profile.  Responding to this allegation, the actress’s agency explained that she was accepted into Complutense University in Madrid, Spain, but was unable to attend school regularly as she had begun her acting career at that time. 

Facing difficulties when returning to showbiz

After the scandal, she did not have any activities until February 2022.  Accordingly, many advertising contracts and film projects have also crossed out the talented actress’s name from the list. 

seo yeji

The actress wrote a handwritten letter to apologize to the audience and then returned with the new drama Eve.  However, Seo Ye Ji’s comeback project did not receive the support from the audience because Eve has too many offensive bed scenes. In addition, Seo Ye Ji revealed to have been involved in conflict with neighbors over parking matters. She was also sued by an advertising agency.

seo yeji

Now, the actress is struggling to find a place and rebuild her image in the entertainment industry.  However, through the first episodes of Eve, Seo Ye Ji gradually changed the audience’s mind thanks to her top-notch acting skills.  Up to now, the actress can only conquer the audience with her ability and serious attitude at work.

seo yeji
Seo Ye Ji is currently coming back with a new drama but has not yet received support from the public
eve scandal seo ye ji 11122021 1
Seo Ye Ji is still trying to start over after the scandal
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