TWICE made an explosive appearance on the Us TV show

Fans’ hearts got melted due to the beautiful, attractive images of TWICE Sana and Tzuyu on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

On April 27 (local time), Twice performed the song Cry For Me on The Kelly Clarkson Show.  The performance received great attention because this was the first time the JYP girl group performed on the famous NBC talk show, continuing their campaign to attack the US market.  Twice performed the recording session with the 8-member lineup, Jeong Yeon still absent. 

Twice’s stage received nearly 800,000 views, 190,000 likes, and 34,000 comments on YouTube after just a few hours.  Fans praised JYP for investing in a spectacular stage, eye-catching costumes.  Twice also received a positive response thanks to the beautiful performance, each member has their own charisma.

Watch their stage here:

Tzuyu and Sana took the spotlight of the Cry For Me stage on The Kelly Clarkson Show.  International fans are focusing their attention on Tzuyu, who has an Asian face but a tall, plump and seductive body that resembles Western standards.  Many comments praise Tzuyu as the real “goddess”.  Sana made the audience go crazy thanks to her “fox” gaze and attractive expression while performing.

Sana knows how to impress every time she appears in front of the camera. Her gaze was compared to a super-powerful “weapon”, making fans’ hearts melt.

Tzuyu exploded with an outstanding visual in the performance. Her beauty is hailed by international fans as a “goddess”. The maknae not only has a beautiful face but also has the advantage of a tall body, attractive curves.

Mina is charming in black hair color.

Na Yeon has always proven herself to be the “super center” of Twice.

Momo has a black outfit that looks super sexy.

Twice’s leader – Ji Hyo attracts attention with a facial expression

Chae Young is so cool with short hair

Da Hyun.

Twice is preparing for their comeback in June.  The group has just finished filming for the MV on Jeju Island.  Twice’s comeback is expected because the group always brings fresh music colors, stirring up the summer atmosphere of the Kpop race.

Source: YouTube

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