Bi Rain was questioned directly why he did not attend the wedding of the ‘Reply 1997’ actor, is his series of excuses reasonable?

The ‘Reply 1997’ actor felt extremely disappointed as his best friend Bi Rain could not attend his wedding.

On March 17, Rain invited the ‘Reply 1997’ actor – Lee Si Eon to appear on his own YouTube channel. The two stars have been close friends for a long time and often openly show their friendship on TV shows. But this time, instead of showing off his close relationship in real life with Bi Rain as usual, Lee Si Eon expressed his disappointment with his close friend.

It turned out that Kim Tae Hee‘s husband was not present at Lee Si Eon‘s wedding day, even though he promised to be the host of the event. Bi Rain began a chat with Lee Si Eon as they were having dinner together, saying that he wanted to apologize. “Recently Si Eon got married but…”, Bi Rain hesitated, but the actor from “Reply 1997” soon stated his disappointment, “He didn’t attend it.” Everyone must be wondering if there is a special reason for Bi Rain‘s absence at his best friend’s wedding.

lee si eon
The wedding of the Reply 1997 actor Lee Si Eon and his wife Seo Ji Seung officially took place on Christmas Day (December 25) in Jeju Island.

Bi Rain was extremely confused: “He also has no manners because what am I supposed to do when he’s getting married on the 25th of December?”. The other people present at the meal were also surprised and had to ask Si Eon,On December 25, Christmas? in Jeju Island?”

Bi Rain defended himself by saying:  “First of all, a day trip to Jeju Island was very difficult. Second, because of my family. Third, I was filming a drama.” Lee Si Eon still expressed his disappointment and regret, saying, “That’s why he didn’t go there in the end.”

bi rain
However, Bi Rain was not present even though he was a close friend of Lee Si Eon

In the end, Lee Si Eon still sympathized with his best friend because he knew Bi Rain had a job and a family of his own: “But I thought it’d be hard because you know, he had kids and the date was December 25th. But he said, ‘Hey I’ll be there.'” Perhaps Bi Rain promised to come even if he knew the wedding date, so it made Lee Si Eon feel disappointed.

bi rain kim tae hee
Busy with family, work, and the wedding venue is too far away, Bi Rain was unable to attend the wedding of his best friend.
lee si eon bi rain
However, everyone knows that Bi Rain and Lee Si Eon have been close friends for a long time. Even though Bi Rain didn’t attend his friend’s wedding, the two still kept their friendship as always
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