Students denounced Myongji Univ. student council for inviting YG iKON for the school festival

Myongji University has selected YG Entertainment’s singer iKON for the festival. There was internal conflict in this regard. Some students at Myongji University announced their condemnation to the student council’s decision to invite iKON to the festival.

Recently, some students at Myongji University spread a hand-written poster with the introduction of “All Myongji students share their critical thought about Burning Sun gate and the rape cartel”. They voiced out their complaint regarding YG Entertainment, Seungri and iKON.

Since January, YG Entertainment has seen a series of incidents centered on Seungri mostly. Students at Myongji University also pointed out this part.

They pointed out that, consuming products from iKON whose agency is being criticized for Seungri’s deep relation with the Burning Sun’s rape cartel and Yang Hyun-suk’s deep being investigated by tax authorities on tax evasion charges, is problematic.

“It can be seen as an indirect sympathy for the vicious criminal act,” the students said. “We urge the student council, which conducted the festival without consideration, to reflect on themselves.”

Then on July 14, the student council of Myongji University issued an official apology through its official SNS.

“We apologize for the lack of prudence of the student council in the process of inviting artists for the festival. We were very careful in the process, and had decided to invite iKON on the purpose of choosing someone who could make our school-fellows enjoy the school festival to their utmost,” they said.

However, we confidently say that we had no intention of indirect support with any particular agency’s action,” they added.

Issues related to the festival in Myongji University appear to be becoming stronger after the position is announced because the student council did not announce the withdrawal of iKON’s appearance. Although they apologized, there was no corresponding resolution.

Meanwhile, Myeongji University’s Daedongje will be held from today (14th) to the 16th. iKON’s stage is scheduled to be on the 15th.

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