Han So Hee’s favorite comfort food that she had to quit eating in order to stay skinny

Han So Hee’s huge love for ramen draws keen attention. 

On January 30th, a post titled “Food that Han So Hee is not allowed to eat” was uploaded to an online community. The post shows Han So Hee talking about her favorite food on First Look YouTube in the past.

In the video, Han So Hee answered, “Ramen” (Korean instant noodle) to the question, “What is your soul food? (comfort food. She explained, “I like ramen, but I think it’s been 100 days since I stopped eating it. I gain weight if I eat ramen…The happy days are over. I have stopped eating ramen.” 

Netizens left comments, “Still, if you look at her recent posts, there are pictures of Han So Hee eating ramen,” “Han So Hee must really like ramen,” “It must be hard for actresses to cut down on food that they really like,” “I can’t stop eating carb,” “It’s not about quitting ramen, it’s about putting up with it” and “Stop eating ramen is impossible.” 

Han So Hee’s love for ramen is famous among fans. Han So Hee also said in a YouTube video of “W KOREA” released on January 2nd, “I always eat ramen on the plane. I don’t need in-flight meals. Just give me ramen,” expressing her attachment to ramen.

Meanwhile, Han So Hee is set to appear in Netflix’s drama “Gyeongseong Creature” as a main character alongside Park Seo Joon. Set in the spring of 1945, “Gyeongseong Creature” tells the story of two youths fighting against monsters born of greed. Park Seo Joon plays Jang Tae Sang, the wealthiest man, and informant in Bukchon. Han So Hee plays Yoon Chae Ok, who is good at handling guns and knives since childhood, traveling between Manchuria and Shanghai since her childhood.

In addition, Han So Hee is reportedly under consideration after receiving an offer to appear in “The Price of Confession” with Song Hye Kyo as her next work.

“The Price of Confession” depicts the chronology of two women surrounding a murder case. Song Hye Kyo is offered the role of Ahn Yun Soo, an art teacher whose life is completely changed as she accidentally gets caught up in the case, and Han So Hee is said to have been offered the role of Mo Eun, a mysterious woman whose identity is unknown.

Source: Wikitree.

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