BTS Jin and Block B P.O. called the “Light and Hope” of the entertainment industry stained with male celebrities’ military corruption

Idols who became soldiers and showed their dignified and charismatic “military uniform visuals” are becoming the talk of town.

Amid recent corruption allegations of military service in the entertainment industry, the recent military life of idol members who are fulfilling their military duty is welcome. 

BlockB P.O

Block B member P.O, who is serving military service in the Marine Corps, drew attention by boasting a warm appearance in uniform in celebration of his birthday on February 2nd. P.O’s dignified visual, including a sharp jawline and bright eyes, gained a lot of positive comments. 

Back in March 2022, P.O joined the Marine Corps and is currently serving in the military. P.O, who is scheduled to be demobilized on September 27, overwhelms the gaze with a confident atmosphere, raising expectations for his performance, which will return in a mature form after 7 months. 

BTS Jin thumbnail

At the same time, the military life of Jin, the eldest member of BTS, who was reborn as a world-class soldier, has never ceased to become the center of attention. In December of 2022, Jin became the first member of the BTS to enlist, and has since drawn attention with his exemplary and sincere appearance throughout his training camp life. 

Before enlisting in the military, Jin soothed the regrets of fans by posting a photo of his shaved hair along with the caption, “It’s cuter than I thought”.  After enlisting in the military, the BTS member showed off his perfect soldier figure with a small face and intense charisma while dressed in a military uniform. 

In addition, Jin completed his basic military training in January, and is now serving as an assistant instructor, boasting a unique presence. In particular, he is known to have been selected as a “company commander trainee” among military trainees, earning support from the public. 

Meanwhile, suspicions of corruption in the entertainment industry continue to expand, with Ravi, Song Duk Ho and Nafla in hot water. Criticisms are getting heavier than ever for those who try to evade military service in dishonest ways. 

Source: Daum

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