Netizens suspect ‘Rising actor K’ who is caught up in a scandal is Kim Seon Ho based on Sports Kyunghang’s blurred photo

This famous Korean actor’s act of forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion made netizens extremely angry and wanted to find out who he was.

On October 17, a long post surfaced on social media accusing a rising actor (temporarily called K) for forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion. Accordingly, K’s ex-girlfriend (temporarily called A) accused K of seducing her with marriage. But when A got pregnant, K tried to talk A into having an abortion because otherwise, he would face the risk of having to pay 900 million won in compensation for damaging the contract. However, after his girlfriend had an abortion, the rising actor K only paid 2 million won for abortion procedures, then broke up with her on the phone.

A continued to accuse K of turning his back on her after he became famous, “There was a time when I thought he would sincerely beg for forgiveness for what happened, and that he only did this because he is really passionate about acting, but due to a difficult childhood, he became obsessed with money. I thought it would be different, but after the breakup, he rose to fame, shot commercials and made money, and there was no apology or self-reflection.

I said that I would secretly raise the child on my own, and it’s alright to announce it later, I would sacrifice. My uterus and body were weak from an early age, so it was quite difficult for me to have a baby. The doctor advised me to keep the baby because if I had an abortion, I might never conceive again. I felt confused and scared when I suddenly got pregnant, but the thought of having a baby with someone I love gave me the strength. So I called K from the hospital, letting him know that if I got rid of the baby now, it would be difficult to conceive in the future. Is there any woman who doesn’t want to give birth to a child for the person she loves? I wanted to hear K say that he would take responsibility like other men. I screenshot his reply in KakaoTalk. He texted back as if he was convinced, saying that he would take responsibility, but when he saw me in person, it was different,” – A continued.

A added, “The press claimed that they had taken photos of our date, so K’s management company used to be under pressure. He asked me to delete our photos, and even deleted them directly on my computer.” Eventually, K broke up with A over the phone, because she was crying, the actor threatened and gave an excuse by saying, “What if (my career) is damaged?

Finally, actor K’s ex-girlfriend concluded, “He didn’t give me one sincere apology, or even thought that abortion was wrong. If I don’t speak up, I won’t be able to live normally for the rest of my life, after all the sufferings because of the pain he brought.

Netizens suspect 'Rising actor K' who is caught up in a scandal is Kim Seon Ho based on Sports Kyunghang’s blurred photo

After the accusation, netizens rushed to search for K’s identity. By this morning (October 18),  Sports Kyunghang  published a blurred photo of the actor in this scandal. Immediately, netizens recognized that the actor in the photo was famous actor Kim Seon Ho, who are currently causing a fever with the drama Hometown Cha- Cha-Cha, starring Shin Min Ah. If this is the truth, fans of the hit drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha will be completely disappointed.

This has shocked many people because Kim Seon Ho has always been known for his gentle and warm image. Currently, the actor has not yet spoken out against these allegations. Notably, his drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha  has just ended and was criticized for unreasonable advertising. Before that, the plot of the drama was also pointed out for putting the female character in a dangerous situation. Fans were very surprised as this movie encountered so many scandals.

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