Bobby (iKON) officially became a father as his first child was already born

It is reported that Bobby’s future-wife gave birth to his child recently, and from now on, Bobby officially became a father.

According to a report by SPOTV News on September 27, iKON Bobby recently welcomed his first child. It is said that Bobby has been really happy with the birth of his child. However, the gender of the baby was not disclosed.

Last month, Bobby suddenly announced his marriage and his wife’s pregnancy on SNS. Bobby, who had no rumors of a romantic relationship before, said in his letter, “I promised to marry the person I love, and I’m going to be a father in September”. Everyone was surprised by his two sudden news of becoming a groom and a father at the same time.

In particular, Bobby, along with iKON members, had been participated in Mnet’s survival show “Kingdom: Legendary War” until June. On the day of his marriage and wife’s pregnancy announcement, iKON’s reality show “iKON’s TYPE: One Summer Night” was released. Therefore, fans around the world were shocked to hear his news.

In his announcement letter, Bobby promised, “To the people who have always supported and loved a person who still lacks many skills like me, from the bottom of my heart, I feel that I have to take responsibility for putting so much pressure on you all. To iKON members, fans, and parents who have supported me and made me a valuable person, I will become a man that would not let you down.”

Lastly, he said, “More than anything, I would like to thank my fans and the members who have been waiting for iKON’s activities”, promising that he would continue to be active as a member of iKON even after his marriage and childbirth.

Source: nate

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