“Street Man Fighter” under fire again for another careless remark regarding “Street Woman Fighter”

“Street Man Fighter” is again causing an issue with imprudent remarks.

The trouble this time comes from dancer Ted’s answer in an interview video with the cast of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter“, which was recently released on the official YouTube channel of the magazine GQ Korea.

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Asked about how he felt after the fight between male dancers ended, Ted suddenly mentioned “Street Woman Fighter” and said, “Don’t they called ‘Street Woman Fighter’ something like a war of nerves? Instead of that, we fight with our bodies, which is why we got the respect as In Gyu said.”

Some pointed out that it was a sexist remark. The competition of “Street Woman Fighter” is interpreted as a simple “fight of nerve,” while the competition of “Street Man Fighter” is compared to respect between enthusiastic men. Aside from the issue of gender discrimination, some are questioning whether it was necessary to refer to the “fights of women” as a comparative group because it was not a question that was intentionally asked to mentione “Street Woman Fighter.”

In fact, remarks like these, which seem to disparage the competition in “Street Woman Fighter,” are not polite to the dancers who participated in the show as well as the viewers who cheered for them. With this remark, the “Street Woman Fighter” dancers are just strong women who just fight to be the scarier one, not dancers who can compete with their best, accept the results, and applaud the winner.

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The problem is that this is not the first time the “Street Man Fighter” has been criticized for its rash remarks. At the production presentation, CP Kwon Young Chan was criticized for saying, “If the survival battle between women was full of jealousy and greed, men’s survival would show a lot of loyalty and pride” when asked about the difference between the 2 seasons. It was criticized as looking down on “Street woman Fighter” and overly focusing on the war of nerves between the performers rather than the main theme of the program, which is “dance.” Mnet soon had to apologize for this.

In fact, “Street Man Fighter” doesn’t have a very positive image public even before it started. This is due to the “Poppin’ and Popping Incident,” where some dancers publicly cyberbullied Monika, a dancer of team PROWDMON on “Street Woman Fighter,” on unresolved terminology issues. However, as dancers who participated in cyberbullying Monika appeared in “Street Man Fighter,” many immediately boycotted the show.

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After a series of events, “Street Man Fighter” failed to get the respect “Street Woman Fighter” received last season. Whenever “Street Man Fighter” is mentioned alongside “Street Woman Fighter,” there seems to be only criticism. It is even more bitter because it was not even evil editing, the male dancers and the production team did it themselves.

Following the controversy of YGX member Park Hyun Se ridiculing girl group New Jeans, allegations of choreography plagiarism, and the abbreviation of Bank Two Brothers crew name copying “BTOB,” viewers only roll their eyes whenever “Street Man Fighter” is mentioned. The show failed to create the same dance syndrome as Street Woman Fighter,” and even its concert failed to sell tickets.

Source: Sports Today

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